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Our programs based on joint work are aimed at laying the foundations for a high-quality life, so that you can regain control from addiction.

Pálfalvi Addiktológiai Centrum interjú

The mission of the team at the Pálfalvi Centre is to provide tailor-suited solution alternatives to the clients participating in our recovery programs. We aim to return to our clients the control over their lives, giving back the belief in and hope for a life without alcohol or other mind-altering substances. Our devoted team applies a recovery-centric approach; we accept no compromises in professional and ethical standards.

Private consultation room in Buda

Our private consultation room in Buda gives you full discretion. With a connected waiting room and various specialised medical services nearby, nobody will have to find out why you have come to us. The consultation room itself is sound-proof for your full safety and confidence regardless of the number of sessions..

Boarding program

Start your recovery far from the noise of the city, yet only an hour’s drive from Budapest. Take long walks, your first sober walks, in our wooded park or around the lake. In guaranteed discretion and comfort. With an undisturbed environment and gastronomic delights, we will do our best to make you find out how good it feels to be sober.

Our professionals

Pálfalvi Sejla - profilkép

Sejla Gubucz-Pálfalvi

Director, founder of the Pálfalvi Addiction Centre

Dr. Endresz György

Dr. György Endresz

Doctor of psychiatry

Tarr Nagy Mónika - profilkép


Specialised psychologist

Koday Zsuzsanna - profilkép



Bulejszka Erika - profilkép


Business and executive coach

Moreno Sindy - profilkép


Addiction advisor

Márta Csetneki


Alternative movement and massage therapist

Tailor-suited recovery programs

Alcohol problems

When does alcohol consumption become a problem? If you drink often? If you drink much? If you drink often and much? The answer is not so simple. Naturally, both the quantity and the frequency may indicate a problem because frequent and/or ample alcohol consumption may result in issues and/or addiction.

Drug problems

“I only use it to…” This is how substance users often start their sentences. The question is whether the mental problem driving a person to substance usage and the desired feeling is actually resolved.


This may be surprising, but workplace burnout can be closely related to addiction. The burnout syndrome is a job-related condition that gradually leads to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

Do you or a relative of yours need help?

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