Alcohol problems

When does alcohol consumption become a problem? If you drink often? If you drink much? If you drink often and much? The answer is not so simple. Naturally, both the quantity and the frequency may indicate a problem because frequent and/or ample alcohol consumption may result in issues and/or addiction.

Consumption, regardless of the quantity or frequency, is problematic in all cases when alcohol affects any area of life. But what does this mean specifically?

  • If you experience frequent conflicts,
  • if managing your company is becoming an increasing burden,
  • if you find that it’s getting more and more difficult to solve problems,
  • if your have more and increasingly serious issues in your private relationship,
  • if your social relations deteriorate,
  • if you are increasingly isolated,
  • if you feel stressed out or anxious,
  • if you are angry or nervous,
  • if you have panic attacks,
  • if you are aggressive,
  • if you feel empty,
  • or if you just feel that you can’t go on

Then these could be symptoms of impaired emotional control or a difficulty in managing your life. As you may have realised, alcohol offers only temporary relief; in fact, it exacerbates your problems in the long run, and makes it impossible to resolve them. Our experts can help you identify the areas in your life where alcohol consumption has caused problems, and can help you address those problems. We can jointly think about how to continue, and what and how to adjust or restart.

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Private consultation room in Buda

Our private consultation room in Buda gives you full discretion. With a connected waiting room and various specialised medical services nearby, nobody will have to find out why you have come to us. The consultation room itself is sound-proof for your full safety and confidence regardless of the number of sessions.

Boarding program

Start your recovery far from the noise of the city, yet only an hour’s drive from Budapest. Take long walks, your first sober walks, in our wooded park or around the lake. In guaranteed discretion and comfort. With an undisturbed environment and gastronomic delights, we will do our best to make you find out how good it feels to be sober.

Confidentiality and discretion

Recovery in an elegant environment

A multi-disciplinary team of professionals

One-on-one consultation for several hours a day

Individual therapy

Tailor-suited recovery program

Recovery-centric approach

Lab tests

Alcohol addiction as generally perceived

Alcohol addiction and problematic alcohol usage are strongly stigmatised notions. They are often considered synonymous with a lack of character or willpower. In fact, they have nothing to do with that. It’s another misperception that an addict is a physically and psychologically run-down, impoverished person, jobless, with a look that radiates neglect and poor social conditions. While these symptoms may in fact emerge in case of serious addiction, alcohol dependence very often affects people with seemingly stable family relations and satisfactory or even significant wealth. These people may, at the first glance, seem to perform very well in various areas in life. But the blockages and emotional control issues inherent in addiction render their lives difficult. If one or more persons around you have already expressed concern about you, don’t hesitate to seek help, because your problem can be resolved.

What happens when you drink alcohol?

Alcohol changes how you feel. You drink because you want to achieve or avoid a feeling. Alcohol usage may lead to physical and psychological addiction which, unless treated, could harm the physical, mental and emotional state of the addict and the people around him, as well as his social relations and financials.

The first step towards recovery: make an appointment for condition assessment.

The condition assessment is a 50-minute consultation with Addiction counsellor Pálfalvi Sejla, leader of the Pálfalvi Addiction Centre, in our consultation room in Buda. We will discuss the nature and gravity of your problem, as well as the treatment options. A treatment and recovery plan will be defined in view of your needs.

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