This may be surprising, but workplace burnout can be closely related to addiction. The burnout syndrome is a job-related condition that gradually leads to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

Interestingly enough, the burnout syndrome primarily threatens people who are ambitious and devoted to their work. But total submission of one’s self to work may result in lacking positive feedback, waning enthusiasm, and decreasing inspiration. A conflict arises between the idealised image of work and the actual reality, which causes frustration. This requires additional efforts which are, however, rarely successful; other facets of one’s life are neglected. Full apathy is the most critical phase of the burnout syndrome; it may extend to areas of life other than work. Health problems and issues in one’s private life may arise as well.

Workplace stress and excess pressure may lead to feelings of helplessness and incompetence over time. Motivation is lost, and performance is degraded. Meanwhile, the work itself loses its appeal and becomes monotonous. Workplace relationships wane as they fall victim to burnout; conflicts start to abound. The individual’s needs outside work are neglected. It’s easy to see that this is related to work addiction. 

Even though a faulty organisational culture and excessive expectations are among the reasons for burnout, some causes are attributable to the individual suffering from the syndrome. If you recognise that you are afflicted by burnout, the good news is that we can help you influence how you feel at work. In cooperation, we can analyse your functions and activities, review your relationship to your work from several aspects, and strive to keep that relationship on a sound footage in future.

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Private consultation room in Buda

Our private consultation room in Buda gives you full discretion. With a connected waiting room and various specialised medical services nearby, nobody will have to find out why you have come to us. The consultation room itself is sound-proof for your full safety and confidence regardless of the number of sessions.

Boarding program

Start your recovery far from the noise of the city, yet only an hour’s drive from Budapest. Take long walks, your first sober walks, in our wooded park or around the lake. In guaranteed discretion and comfort. With an undisturbed environment and gastronomic delights, we will do our best to make you find out how good it feels to be sober.

Confidentiality and discretion

Recovery in an elegant environment

A multi-disciplinary team of professionals

One-on-one consultation for several hours a day

Individual therapy

Tailor-suited recovery program

Recovery-centric approach

Lab tests

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Anyone could be afflicted by one or more burnout symptoms. What matters is how long and how strongly these are present in your life, and how much of a problem they cause. If you feel that you are overcome by despair, if you find few things to lean on and don’t see the way out, then don’t hesitate to seek help. Make an appointment for condition assessment.

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