Sindy Moreno

Addiction advisor

Moreno Sindy

Before obtaining my qualifications, I already had subjective experience. I have been free of addiction since September 2002, without any mind-altering substance since that time. I apply my own lessons and recovery experiences in my everyday work. I have been working as a therapist and Addiction advisor for over 13 years, since 2004, and have led theatre therapy workshops.

I started to work at the Leo Amici Foundation, where I spent over four years. Then I went on to the INDIT Public Foundation (Rehabilitation Home of the Milestone Association), introducing the theatre therapy sessions which are still ongoing there. I have also worked as a self-knowledge team leader, theatre trainer and helper at the Megálló Csoport Foundation. Further, I have worked in the MAGADÉRT Drug-free Support Foundation’s practice-oriented team (“For Your Feminine Self”) where the participants used movement therapy to get closer to their femininity, identifying their roadblocks and finding their own solutions.

Currently I also work as a yoga trainer and Ayurvedic yoga therapist. I experienced the beneficial effects myself in my everyday life, and yoga has also given me tools as a helper. That is why I apply yoga in my efforts at helping the recovery of addicts. It’s my personal experience (also confirmed by my helper’s efforts) that yoga plays an important role in strengthening one’s relationship with him/herself. I consider it as my mission to make this tool available to others as well.

In addition, I lead self-knowledge teams, training sessions and workshops, and provide one-on-one consultation.

I believe that credibility should be coupled with professional knowledge. It’s in this spirit that I apply various tools to help those seeking my assistance.

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