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Marjai Kamilla

Having graduated as a psycho-pedagogue, I obtained an Addiction counsellor’s and a theatre trainer’s diploma. I currently work on my Ph.D. thesis. Besides my full-time job at the National Institute for Psychology and Addiction, I work as a theatre trainer at the Megálló Csoport Foundation. In addition to providing therapeutic support, I also write media articles about my profession.

My articles have been published since 2013. Also since that year, I have written articles about Addiction, mostly for online media offering psychological information. I aim to reach readers who are affected by addiction but don’t know how to address the problem. I believe that just obtaining information from articles is no substitute for therapy, and it’s not a way to avoid the work required for recovery. However, articles may give you fresh perspectives, help you face your problem, and encourage you to seek help.

In 2017, I was elected to participate in La Femme magazine’s program for 50 talented young Hungarians. In connection with and as a result of that, I had the opportunity to get involved in public discourse about addiction. I have responded to all requests to represent the profession, trusting that at least one reader, viewer or listener will make progress in recognising and accepting their addiction.

In the transforming mass communication of our age, the term “social influencer” is used to describe a person who reaches masses of people about issues of common interest. While I don’t intend to become a social influencer, it’s eminently clear to me that addiction is a matter that affects masses of people. I believe that addition is an issue that deserves discussion.

Communication on the web site and blog of the Centre is aimed at providing professionally accurate and clearly understandable information to visitors. I strive to touch upon the most delicate and difficult issues as well, helping readers find their own personal answers. I address taboos in order to focus on the issues to be resolved.

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