Csetneki Márta

Marta Csetneki

Alternative movement and massage therapist

After obtaining my degree in special education and psycho-pedagogy in 1984, I initially worked in child protection. From 1992 to 2008, I worked as a patient care officer and then as a psycho-pedagogue in the National Institute of Psychiatrics and Neurology (NIPN). I led humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy sessions for groups, as well as art, movement, dance and relaxation sessions first in the Addiction unit, and then in the connected Daytime Hospital. I worked out a complex program specifically for addicts. When necessary, I also provided one-on-one supportive care. 

As a member of the unit’s therapy work group, I participated in professional programs, and co-edited publications featuring my articles about the transpersonal methods I applied.

From 2005 to 2008, I continued in the National Drug Prevention and Methodology Centre within NIPN, working with drug addicts sentenced to treatment by a court, and with clients treated in a methadone program.

Later I joined the psychiatry and Addiction department of the Merényi Gusztáv hospital, also working as a psycho-pedagogue. During the six years I spent there, I led the field practice of college students of psycho-pedagogy.

From time to time, I managed an association related to the department, participated in writing subsidy applications, and held group sessions for families and relatives in connection with the subsidies awarded. 

Meanwhile, I also provided methodological and burn-out training for teachers and mental hygiene experts.

Since 2015, I have been working as a natural healer as well as an alternative movement therapist and psycho-pedagogue. I am still attracted to the world of teaching, and helping the recovery of addicts complements that. My varied experience is definitely helpful in the fight against addiction.

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