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Monika Tarr-Nagy

Specialised psychologist

Tarr-Nagy Mónika

Before starting my career as a psychologist in 2007, I already worked as a helper in the social care of psychiatry patients and addicts at the Halfway Foundation. Then I went on to the Rehabilitative Addiction and Psychology Department of the Szent István Hospital. I obtained my qualification as a psychologist specialised in crisis consultancy in 2015. I have completed several method-specific training sessions that have helped me become a successful individual and family therapist.

In the past 10 years, my interest and work have been focused on studying and resolving / managing individuals’ crises in life. Specifically, I have been working with personal and workplace crises, divorce, relationship break-up, and addiction. I have cooperated with clients faced with unexpected or predictable crises in life. In more serious cases, these two types occurred at the same time. These situations in life are often accompanied by signs of mental illness (anxiety, depression, addiction), which makes it even more difficult to overcome a critical crisis.

I can help if the client decides that “this must not go on any more”. My clients want or are forced to change because of their crises. It’s not enough for them to talk things over with friends who are expected to confirm their own views. Their unbearable situation calls for real solutions. They seek a positive outcome within a foreseeable time, and are ready to act towards that goal.

As a crisis counsellor and coaching psychologist, I am convinced that people can develop and emerge from crises as more mature persons if they get sufficient support from a crisis counsellor. My cooperation with a client is focused on existing and untapped strengths.

I am positive that the varied personal experience I have gained with addicts in hospitals and my private practice is quite indispensable to fast and effective crisis management.

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