Pálfalvi Sejla - profilkép

Sejla Gubucz-Pálfalvi

Director, founder of the Pálfalvi Addiction Centre

I graduated from the Kingston University of London in 2007, majoring in criminology. I focused on substance usage and recovery by alcohol and drug addicts, and on their rehabilitation options.

In 2008, I worked for almost one year in a research program at the rehabilitation institute of the Leo Amici Foundation.

I obtained an Addiction counsellor’s diploma from the Health Sciences faculty of the Semmelweis Medical University of Budapest, and a reflective Addiction helper’s qualification from the University of Pécs.

When I first meet a client visiting our Centre, I learn about their personal problems. We establish a common starting point for effective cooperation. The consultation involves joint work between equal parties, where I point out alternative solutions, new perspectives, and ways to start changes. My clients are entitled to choose from the options outlined; my task is to support them along the way, throughout the phases of recovery.

I know and apply all my competencies, while also relying on a staff of professionals with varied experiences, knowledge and qualifications. This guarantees that we can provide meaningful answers to all questions that arise during recovery.

I’m convinced that multi-disciplinary help aimed at recovery should involve an atmosphere of trust right from the very beginning, as well as maximum comfort, hospitality, and attentive client service. During the recovery process, clients seek answers to issues that are uncomfortable or downright painful to them. This can hardly be avoided, but comfort can be provided in all other ways. In cooperation with my colleagues, we search for the most effective and state-of-the-art methods, and are equally demanding in creating the best conditions for our clients to reach their goals.

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