Zita Torma


Having graduated from the ELTE University in 2010, I completed method-specific training at the university’s Integrative Psycho-therapy Association. I started to work in child protection, helping children growing up in orphanages and with foster parents, and assisting the staff working with them. From 2013, I worked at the ambulant station of the ESZTER foundation, providing psychological care primarily to children and adults who had been assaulted sexually. But I have also helped persons suffering from physical and emotional abuse. I currently work in the family help centre of Budapest district 8. Besides this institutional work, I have acquired further experience in my private practice.

Currently I study for my clinical and adult mental hygiene psychologist’s degree at the University of Pécs. I regularly participate in training courses as an adult and child psychologist. Before completing my basic degree, I learned Antalfai Márta’s fairy tale therapy method, which I use in my group sessions for self-knowledge and trauma management. I also participate in the training of future fairy tale therapists.

When working with my patients, I consider it important to create a balance of past, present and future. It’s important in the self-knowledge process to get down to the bottom of our souls, facing our fears, dark sides, and negative memories. But I consider it equally important to make changes in a client’s current life. These changes should be actively initiated and controlled by the client. The therapy is aimed at providing new skills and solutions. Few things are more important than making a client feel competent to manage his/her own life. During the therapy, I never forget that my partner is also a member of a family and a work system, because there is mutual interaction between those systems and the client. During the sessions, I apply art therapy and psycho-drama tools in addition to conversation, naturally adjusted to the client’s personality and interests.

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