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Koday Zsuzsanna

I graduated from the Pázmány Péter Catholic University in 2011 as a judicial and clinical psychologist. During my university studies, I became acquainted with restorative justice, a discipline that had a strong formative effect on me. This was a definitive experience that changed my point of view. The restorative approach can be applied in conflict-ridden relationships in order to return to a state of balance. The approach involves the possibility of atonement, so that one does not have to carry one’s past mistakes for a lifetime. Obviously, addicts and their families experience similar difficulties.

During my university studies, I volunteered to participate in the pilot phase of a project, examining the applicability of restorative methods in Hungary’s penal system. Furthermore, I worked as a volunteer for the Blue Point Foundation. After graduation, I obtained an autogenic trainer’s diploma. Last but not least, Jung’s psycho-analysis has had a major effect on my professional approach.

Since 2013, I have been working as a full-time applied psychologist in the judicial area. I have worked with clients suffering from crises, anxiety, mood and personality disorders, and addiction. In connection with that, I also study transference-focused psychotherapy. Last but not least, I have been inspired by 12-step recovery programs.

My long-standing interest in creative arts gained new impetus in 2015 when I learned the “right brain” drawing method which allows for discovering and experiencing certain hidden abilities, as well as for the development of one’s existing skills. The method provides motivation and confirms that we can all make progress and improve our skills. The right brain drawing method and all that a drawing pencil can give us is perfectly suited to psychology.

My psychological approach is determined by analytical thinking. Nevertheless, I like to apply elements of cognitive therapy in short cooperation, and I also use relaxation exercises. As a helper, I strive to support my client’s development through the healing power of connection.

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