Do you want to live 
without alcohol 
without anxiety 
without medicaments and other drugs 
a full life without substances 

Do you want to live a full life without substances?

The Pálfalvi Centre is a place to start your recovery in an elegant environment, supported by experts. Providing complex services, we allow time for recovery, because your sobriety is important to us. We believe that sobriety is more than abstinence; we can help you take the first steps towards a life no longer controlled by addiction.

Pálfalvi Sejla
Pálfalvi Addiktológia madártávlatból


The Pálfalvi Centre operates at several premises, offering tailor-suited help to address addiction-related problems. Ambulant care is provided in our consultation room in Buda, and a boarding program is available in an idyllic environment near the capital. We guarantee professional help with full discretion and comfort.

Our colleagues are experts with ample experience. Their qualifications, knowledge and approach represent resources for a life of success and sobriety.

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For relatives

Relatives may have to make enormous efforts and devote much time to helping a family member who is an addict. But their work rarely pays off. The expected results rarely materialise, and the relatives stay alone with their pain and helplessness. But targeted help can move family members out of this helpless solitude, and allow them to explore their hardships and blockages.

Tailor-suited recovery programs

Alcohol problems

When does alcohol consumption become a problem? If you drink often? If you drink much? If you drink often and much? The answer is not so simple. Naturally, both the quantity and the frequency may indicate a problem because frequent and/or ample alcohol consumption may result in issues and/or addiction.

Drug problems

“I only use it to…” This is how substance users often start their sentences. The question is whether the mental problem driving a person to substance usage and the desired feeling is actually resolved.


This may be surprising, but workplace burnout can be closely related to addiction. The burnout syndrome is a job-related condition that gradually leads to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

Do you or a relative of yours need help?

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